Friday, 4 October 2013

So I didn't end up starting Asilomar after all, but I did start another Amy Herzog design - Arm Candy. I've actually done rather more than this but being the lazy baggage that I am, I couldn't be arsed to take another photo just yet. I'm actually more than halfway up the armholes. I haven't knitted with this wool before it I rather like it. The colourway is called Peacock, and although it just looks green in the photo it has interesting flecks of peacock blue scattered throughout. I originally bought it with the vague idea of making a sweater for Pete junior but it's really hard finding a pattern that will a) fit a skinny teenaged boy, b) aforementioned teenaged boy would actually wear, and last but not least c) I might actually enjoy knitting. So I've appropriated the wool for my Arm Candy and if and when I find such a wondrous pattern I shall just have to buy more yarn. Real hardship, huh?
 Slow progress on The Flapper, because I've mostly been knitting, but she has a face now...

Tuesday, 1 October 2013 that the postman I hear? Why yes, yes it is!
And lookee here - two packages for meeee!
What's this? Could it be...yes! It's the SNA needles I've been desperately hanging out for! And they only took just over a week to arrive! (You have NO idea how hard it was to resist opening it until I'd taken a photo!)

All prettily wrapped in blue tissue paper and individual organza bags, glittering through the fabric like a hidden treasure -

And, oh my gosh, I'm completely smitten!

Look at those pointy, pointy tips!

Now I need to cast something on with them!

I also got the two latest Nora Corbett charts - Mermaid Azure and Faerie Autumn Glow and all their bling, and the embellishment pack for Lady Hera. I feel like Christmas!