Friday, 27 September 2013

Random Stranger: "Are you going to knit something with all that wool?"
I couldn't help myself, really I couldn' had been a very VERY long day.
Me: "No, I'm just really into bondage."
Cue very hasty retreat by offended enquirer....
I hadn't actually intended to start Colour Affection just yet, but after previously mentioned long day I decided to drop into the wool shop for some retail therapy. Unfortunately the wool selection locally is pretty dismal but it's really hard choosing complementary colours from a computer monitor. So I spent some time looking for colour combinations I could live with from the tiny stock of fingering weight, and managed to drop about half the skeins in the shop on the floor, one after another. After apologing profusely and repeatedly I felt like I should buy something, so I went with these -

Mmmm, soft...

And this is progress so far on Colour Affection. At the moment I'm kind of feeling like it has a baby wear vibe, but I'm hoping that will improve when the darker blue stripes start going on. This is just endless, mindless garter stitch with an increase at each end, but at least the colour changes keep a modicum of interest.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Well, hello. This is my first post on my new blog, although some of you may know me from my now defunct 'Chewed Away". That was all about cross stitch though, and now, after a long dry spell, I'm starting to knit again. Oh, I've made the (very) occasional thing, but many years ago I was an avid and prolific knitter. I knitted for the children when they were little, and for myself, and relatives. But then I kind of drifted away from it. Recently though, the bug has started to bite again. And OMG, has knitting moved on! Once upon a time it was plain old Aero straights and whatever the local wool shop saw fit to stock. Now...well, lets just say that recently I've spent rather more than I should have on needles, yarn etc! Of course, I'm still cross stitching too, so I'll also be talking about that.

Right now, I'm itching to cast on Asilomar by Amy Herzog, but I'm waiting for some new needles to turn up so I can use them for it (Signature stilettos - be still, my beating heart!) and in the meantime I'm messing about making toys -

The little guy is kind of naked though - he's just waiting on his jacket -
On the stitching front, this is my start on Joan Elliott's Flapper from Cross Stitch Collection. She's on (old) Silkweaver Shadowbrook opalescent -